September Newsletter


Dear Parents,

Welcome to September! Every month you will receive a newsletter from your child’s specials teachers. At ICS special classes include Music, Art, Movement/Yoga and Spanish.

In this monthly newsletter we will try to provide information about class content, important announcements and helpful tips and resources for things you can try at home to help support learning in our classes.


We are exploring the first two elements of art: lines and shapes. Students will practice drawing  different lines and shapes and identifying them in both works of art and the world around them. In art, we emphasize that everything we see can be broken down into different lines and shapes. That means that once students can draw these elements, they can draw anything they want! We look forward to exploring color with paint and collage next.

At the Brooklyn Museum an interesting exhibit by Brooklyn-based artists Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller, raises questions about our relationship to consumer culture, religious traditions, and the urban environment by blurring the boundaries between fine art, street art, and popular culture. The art is bright, vibrant and possibly very appealing to young minds. And the admission policy is pay what you want.

Plus you can check out the synchronized fountains!



We are beginning by focusing on special procedures including handling instruments, showing expression with scarves, and staying in our “bubbles.” We have keyboard and xylophones that the children will use once the kids know how to handle them safely and responsibly. We are also learning about the four different ways we can use our voices, as well as beginning to learn how to identify pitch.

On the 14th we begin our dance classes with Mark Morris Dance Group, which includes piano accompaniment by Mr. Garcia, the music teacher.
It’s a few weeks away, but there’s a free Americana music festival in Brooklyn Bridge Park on the afternoon of Saturday September 26th.


Hola! We will have an exciting year full of language and cultural learning. We have been learning our colores, and soon will start learning numeros (numbers) andformas (shapes). Be sure to ask your child about our puppet friends. We’ve met Elefante, Tigre, Mono, and Jirafa. Our goals this year will be to learn our new vocabulary through visuals such as flashcards, and repetition using finger puppets and songs. If you’d like to learn Spanish at home with your child, you can ask them how to say something by pointing to the object.

For example, because we are learning colors this month, point to something red and say, “How do you say this color in Spanish?” In second language acquisition one of the best strategies is to directly associate a word with its visual rather than translating. In other words, rather than asking, “How do you say red in Spanish?” finding a concrete example and asking how to say it will help to support our language acquisition program. Gracias a todos!

Movement and Yoga


Every Movement/Yoga class is divided into two segments. The first half of the class consists of various movement activities and the second half of the class includes a cool down with yoga and breathing exercises. So far, we have been going over the routines necessary to make our class run smoothly. We have been gradually introducing a variety of equipment choices for students to use throughout the movement portion of the class and we look forward to introducing several new yoga poses over the course of this month.

If you have any questions about the Art, Music, Spanish or Movement/Yoga curricula please feel free to contact the teachers directly at the addresses listed below. More than anything, we want to express how excited we are to work with your children this year!



Carrie Shiffrin (Art Teacher)

Kyle Garcia (Music Teacher)

Nina Thurau (Spanish Teacher)

Debra Longo (Movement/Yoga Teacher)