How-to Collage Book by Eric Carle!

EricCarle  HungryCaterpillar

I have been a huge fan of books by author/illustrator Eric Carle ever since my Kindergarten teacher read us The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I enjoyed the stories he wrote about nature, animals and friendship but I was truly captivated by his brilliant collage illustrations.

Part of what makes Eric Carle’s illustrations so special is that he hand paints all of his collage paper before cutting out the shapes he uses to create his characters. This creates unique textures, with expressive strokes that make his illustrations even more memorable.

Colorful tissue papers on display at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art in Massachusetts.

In 1998 Eric Carle decided to share his technique with the world by publishing his book You Can Make A Collage. In You Can Make A Collage, he walks readers through his process, including the steps he takes to conceive of his stories and characters, the sketches he makes, the papers he paints and his collage process. Additionally, each book includes a selection of hand-painted papers by Eric Carle himself.

This book is a highly inspirational learning tool for any young artists, illustrators, and authors. Find a copy at your local book store, grab a pair of scissors and some glue and start illustrating!