Self-Portraits and “Me” Puppets!

Kindergarten and 1st grade artists just finished projects all about themselves! In Kindergarten artists made self-portraits and in 1st grade artists made “Me” Puppets.

The first goal of these projects was for students to learn how to put a body together using the simple shapes that they already know (i.e. oval for the head, rectangles for the torso, arms and legs). The second goal was for students to learn how they can mix crayon colors together to match their own unique skin color. They looked at the backs of their hands and tested different combinations of colors until they found a mixture that looked like their own.

These stunning portraits are currently on view on the 2nd and 3rd floor bulletin boards and in the art room!

(Artists L to R, top to bottom: Faren, Juniper, Marley, Akelia, Tate, Karina, Alaya, Eva, Lincoln, Isabella, Sanaa, Valentina)

(Artists L to R, top to bottom: Shyla, Belle, Chester, Bryannah, Frida, Gertrude, Nahla, Aedan, Lior, Beverley, Quinn)

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