December Newsletter!

Lots of exciting updates this month! Check them out below!


This month in art, Kindergarten and 1st grade artists are learning about color and painting. Kindergarten artists began by learning about the primary colors: red, yellow and blue. First, they viewed examples of paintings by Mondrian, Miro and Van Gogh to identify the primary colors they used. Then they experimented with these colors by creating entirely primary color paintings. In 1st grade, artists will apply color to animal masks. In our last class they viewed examples of animal masks featured in the The Lion King Broadway musical to identify how the artists used color and texture to make the audience believe their were actually animals on stage. Then they designed their masks by making a sketch. In the next few weeks they will sketch their designs onto their actual masks, learn paper sculpture techniques needed to create 3D details and texture on their masks and lastly paint them with colors that describe the animal they chose.


This month in Yoga we are learning Volcano Pose, Frog Pose, and Airplane Pose. That means that by the end of this month all of the classes will know 19 yoga poses! In Movement, the students are practicing throwing and catching. They are learning the correct technique for throwing as well as how to aim for a target with their throws. Remember to ask your child to demonstrate what they have been learning!


This month we will be beginning to read quarter notes and eighth notes, as well as assessing our knowledge of the difference between high and low notes. Don’t forget: the ICS Winter Concert is Thursday, December 17th at 9AM at the Brooklyn Friends Lower School. Come and hear some joyful music!


Hola! Slight changes have been made in Spanish at ICS. As Miss Nina is now with her kindergarten class, I (Miss B) have taken over the Spanish program. We will continue with the same curriculum and all class routines Miss Nina put in place. This month we are starting our winter unit, which will be a nice preparation for the winter break. While reviewing the content learned so far, we will be focusing on winter themed projects and songs. Look out for ourmuñecos de nieve (snowmen). For a more detailed list of our target vocabulary and resources that you can use at home check out ICS Specials blog!