All-School Winter Art Mosaic!

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A few weeks ago we asked each ICS student to think about something that they do during the winter season and write sentence about it. Since we have a diverse student community, we had a wide variety of responses. To name a few, we learned that some students celebrate holidays, some like to give gifts, some like to play in the snow, and some like to go ice skating. We also learned that people celebrate holidays in different ways. For example, both Emmie (K) and Frieda (1st grade) celebrate Christmas by leaving their shoes by the door for Nikolaus to put candy inside.

Each student was then asked to draw a picture describing the sentence the sentence they wrote. Below are some of the amazing examples that our Kindergarten and 1st grade artists produced. Come visit the 2nd floor at ICS to see  all of these beautiful artworks together in our Winter Mosaic!

Artists L to R, top to bottom: Shyla (1st), Kenny (1st), Marley (K), Eva (K), Chane (1st)

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