Kindergarten learns about Primary Colors!

The Kindergarten art unit on color is now in full swing! When we came back from break we refreshed our memories by reviewing the primary colors (red, yellow and blue). To get inspired we viewed artwork by Piet Mondrian.


Kindergarten artists identified the lines (vertical and horizontal) and colors they saw in Mondrian’s paintings. Then we discussed why an artist would choose such simple lines and colors to make a painting. Some suggested that perhaps he liked the primary colors best because they make all the other colors, while others thought that he wanted to keep his paintings simple for people to look at.

Then Kindergarten artists created their own paintings inspired by Mondrian. Coming up in this unit, artists will learn about secondary colors, warm colors and cool colors. Stay tuned!

Artists L to R, top to bottom: Antonia (KD), Ella (KD), Lincoln (KC), Leena (KC), Summer (KD), Eva (KB), Alaya (KB), Chase (KB), Charlie (KA), Liz (KA)

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