Specials February Newsletter!


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Over the past few weeks Kindergarten artists have been wrapping up their unit on color and painting. Throughout this unit they have learned about primary, secondary, warm and cool color groups. They identified what colors belong to each group and discussed how and why artists select colors for their artwork. Next week we will begin our unit on Art Around the World. In this unit artists will apply what they have learned about lines, shapes and colors to analyze and interpret artwork from different countries and cultures around the world.

1st grade artists just finished their Animal Masks. This project required artists to combine what they have learned about drawing, paper sculpture and color to create the appearance and texture of their chosen animal. They drew the face of their animal, they applied paper sculpture techniques to create the 3D aspects of its face, and then they painted their masks to describe the animal’s color and texture. In the next few weeks 1st grade artists will delve deeper into color by learning basic concepts of color theory while creating a collection of watercolor paintings.



It is a really exciting time in music class! We have been learning about the differences between high and low notes as well as long and short sounds using instruments like hand bells, boomwhackers, gongs, triangles, and woodblocks. We have also started to explore quarter notes and eighth notes by using The Kodály Method of counting and reading rhythms. Students have practiced this method through chanting and body percussion. They have also used magnetic board manipulatives and popsicle sticks to visualize quarter notes and eighth notes. In a few months we hope to be reading and writing our own rhythms. We are well on our way to becoming excellent musicians!




It’s a great time to be in Movement class! The students are improving their throwing and catching skills. They have also mastered all 22 of the yoga poses introduced so far. This month I will be adding three new poses for students to try. Additionally, for the next month I will be teaming up with Ms. Bargman to work on some teamwork and community building exercises. To do this we combine our two Kindergarten classes for the first 15 minutes of class. During this time they come up with questions to ask that they think will help them get to know each other better. Then they spend some time in partners talking and share what they learned with the class. So far it’s generated some amazing results! Kindergarteners are sharing special things about themselves with new friends and are familiar with more friendly faces as they walk down the hallway. We look forward to community and team building with 1st grade as well!



This month in Spanish we are using a familiar children’s story, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? (Oso Pardo, Oso Pardo, que ves ahi?) to learn about animals. Students will engage in a variety of activities to reinforce their new vocabulary. In kindergarten, we will be acting out the story, with each child representing the animal of their choice. In first grade, the students have started to keep Spanish journals, to document their learning. If you have the book at home, feel free to challenge your child to tell you the name of the animal or its color in Spanish! The translations are below:

Brown bear-oso pardo

Blue horse-caballo azul

Goldfish-pez dorado

Red bird-pájaro rojo

Yellow duck-pato Amarillo

Purple cat-gato morado

Black sheep-oveja negra

Green frog-rana verde