1st Grade Animal Masks!


1st grade artists recently completed their animal masks! This project took several weeks and required artists to combine many different concepts and techniques.

First, they viewed examples of animal masks and puppets from the Broadway musical The Lion King. They observed the different lines, shapes, colors and textures the artists included in their masks and puppets to make the animals really come to life. Then they chose animals to represent and made planning sketches on their paper plates.

Next, they learned several paper sculpture techniques including rolling, folding, tearing and cutting, and applied them to their masks to create the 3D characteristics and textures of their chosen animal.

Lastly, they painted their masks with tempera paint by selecting and mixing realistic colors. They also applied different brush strokes to depict the texture of the animal.

Their hard work resulted in a wide variety of ferocious, cute, beautiful, spiky, soft, fury, smooth, bright, and dull animal masks!

(Artists top to bottom: Abel, Gertrude, Belle and Chester)

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