March Newsletter!

Welcome to March! Read below to find out about all the fun things your children will be learning in Specials this month.


In music we have been learning how to fine-tune our singing voices by singing with tall and open mouths and deep-breathing without lifting our shoulders. We have also been using tools like helicopter propellers, whistles, and Voice Stories to explore our voices while still having fun! We have also been learning the difference between largo (very slow) and presto (very fast) through the song and game “Lucy Locket”. The students are getting better at reading quarter notes and eighth notes, and will begin learning about quarter rests in the coming weeks. All of these new activities and skills are preparing us to learn about the piano next month!



Kindergarten artists are in their unit about Art Around the World. Each project of this unit teaches students about a different culture and art-making technique. For their first project, they learned about Moroccan Pottery. First students created their own pottery by applying the pinch-pot technique. Next, they viewed examples of Moroccan pottery and identified the different lines, shapes and patterns in them. Lastly, they will apply their own lines, shapes and patterns to create Moroccan-inspired pottery.

Meanwhile in 1st grade, artists are in the middle of their unit on color and painting. So far they have learned about Primary Colors and Secondary Colors. They have made paintings to reflect each of these color groups and demonstrated excellent color-mixing technique. Next they will learn about Warm and Cool colors and view examples of how artwork that uses expressive, not realistic, colors. Artists will create self-portraits that describe themselves in both the summer and winter and will select their colors to express the temperature of the season, rather than the realistic colors they see.  


This month in Movement class we have had a lot of fun. Three new poses were introduced for Yoga and I have already added them to our 1-2-3 Yoga game. We will be learning three more yoga poses in the coming month. As I mentioned in last month’s newsletter, Movement class joined with Spanish class for a few minutes for some community building activities and it went really well! They learned so much about each other by asking questions and carefully listening to the responses.

Because February was Black History Month, we spent some time learning about famous African American athletes. I added posters of famous athletes from the history of sports to my room with facts about them underneath. It was really exciting to see the students reading about the athletes and sports that they played. After viewing the posters, students had a chance to participate in some of the sports we discussed.


We are starting a new project in Spanish this month! We will be traveling the world and visiting Spanish speaking countries to learn about food, clothing and other traditions native to those countries. Students are getting ready for our trip by making suitcases (maletas), to collect souvenirs, and passports (pasaportes) to record their journeys. As we travel to each country, students will board an imaginary airplane (avión) and act as passengers, flight attendants and pilots. Next, they will disembark, collect stamps for their passports and exploring something unique to the country they are visiting. Our first stop is Spain, where the Spanish language originated. Stay tuned to discover where your child will go next!