Moroccan-Inspired Pottery!

Kindergarten artists finished their Moroccan-Inspired Pottery this week! Through this project they learned some basic ceramics techniques as well as some cultural context about the pottery tradition in Morocco. When their pottery dried, they applied lines, shapes and patterns to their pottery inspired by the designs we viewed in real Moroccan pottery.

Pottery will be sent home this week. Remind your students that this is air-drying clay and is not to be used for food or drink, because if it becomes wet, it will turn back in to soft clay. Thanks!

Artists L to R, top to bottom: Alaya (KB), Alex (KB), Jasmina (KB), Saniyah (KB)

Artists L to R, top to bottom: Lincoln (KC), Sanaa (KC), Madysen (KC) Valentina (KC)

Artists L to R, top to bottom: Leni (KA),  Allison (KA), Emmie (KA), Luca (KA)

Artists L to R, top to bottom: Nylah (KD), Summer (KD), Antoinette (KD), Greyson (KD)