Seasonal Self-Portraits!

1st grade artists have been learning a lot about color over the past few weeks. They began by learning about Primary Colors and Secondary Colors. They created their own cityscape paintings by mixing primary colors together to create secondary colored buildings.

Artists L to R: Arel (1A), Shyla (1B)

Next they learned about Warm Colors (red, orange and yellow) and Cool Colors (blue, green and purple). They learned that these colors are called warm and cool because seeing those colors make us think of things that are warm and cool. Then we discussed that warm things are not always made out of warm colors and cool things are not always made out of cool colors. For example, you will often see a bright blue sky on a hot sunny day, even though blue is a cool color. However, artists do not have to use colors realistically. Often they select their colors to express a different mood or feeling. 1st grade artists discussed this phenomenon and viewed some examples of paintings that utilized warm and cool colors for expressive purposes.

L to R: The Old Guitarist by Pablo Picasso, The Three Dancers by Edgar Degas

Next, they designed seasonal self-portraits. One half of their painting expresses what they look like and what they see in the summer, and the other half expresses what they look like and see in the winter. Next, they painted their self-portraits by using warm and cool colors expressively.

Artists L to R, top to bottom: Talia (1A), Kayin (1C), Malena (1B), Logan (1C), Jarrel (1B), Nathaniel (1B)