1st Grade Art Units!

Unit 1: Elements of Art

Topics: Lines, Shapes, Colors, Space

Techniques: Drawing, cutting, gluing, collage, coloring, color mixing

Materials: Pencils, sharpies, crayons, markers, hole-punchers, paper fasteners, scissors


Unit 2: Colors

Topics: Primary Colors, Secondary Colors, Warm Colors, Cool Colors, Dark and Light colors

Techniques: Painting, Mixing Colors, Watercolor-Oil Pastel resist

Materials: watercolor paint, tempera paint, glue, scissors, construction paper, watercolor paper, pencils, oil pastels.


Unit 3: Art Around the World

Topics: Collage and Draw Cave Creatures, Kachina Dolls, Alebrijes, texture, Italian Carnival Masks

Techniques: Drawing, collage, paper sculpture (cutting, rolling, folding and gluing), pulling technique in clay, applique technique

Materials: cardboard, construction paper, oil pastels, cardstock


Unit 4: Contemporary Art

Topics: Appropriation, reinventing artwork, remixing artwork

Techniques: Drawing, collage, cutting, gluing

Materials: scissors, glue sticks, pencils, sharpies, colorful sharpies