2nd Grade Art Units!

Projects are subject to change depending on student interests and collaborations with classroom teachers but the descriptions and objective calendars below should give you a good idea of what the year will look like in 2nd grade art!

*SWBAT=Students will be able to…

Unit 1: Elements and Principles of Art

Topics: Lines, Shapes, Color, Figures in Motion, Movement, Negative/Positive Space, illustration

Materials:  Watercolor paper, oil pastels, watercolor paint, markers, crayons, 3 poems by Shel Silverstein, colored pencils, sharpies


Unit 2: Color with Self Portraits

Topics: Tints, shades, contrast, expressive color, observational drawing, facial proportions

Materials: Watercolor paper, watercolor paints, pencils, sharpies, mirrors



Unit 3: Principles of Art with Weaving


Topics: Weaving, pattern, contrast, color, variety

Materials: Looms, weaving needles, scissors, yarn, graph paper, colored pencils


Unit 4: Art Around the World

Palestinian Embroidery

Topics: Palestinian embroidery traditions, various embroidery stitches, symbols

Materials: Weaving needles, yarn, scissors, burlap, sharpies, colored pencils, graph paper


Unit 5: Contemporary Art

Recycled Art

Topics: Recycled art, repurposing, collage, sculpture

Materials: Cardboard boxes, scissors, tape, glue, magazines/catalogues, cardstock