Kindergarten Self-Portraits!

Kindergarten artists have been learning so much about the elements of art this year! Their final project of this unit was a self-portrait. For this project they learned how to draw a body with basic shapes. Then, they added details to make their pictures look like them. Lastly, they learned how to mix different colors of crayon to match their own skin color! Visit ICS to see these beautiful artworks hanging in the Kindergarten hallway and in the Art Room!

Artists L to R, top to bottom: Erika, Bella, Amaya, Wyatt, Athalia, Maia, Zak, Luna


Artists L to R, top to bottom: August, Annelise, Elsa, Sasi, Lilly, Ilan, Vera, Mae


Artists L to R, top to bottom: Owen, Tobias, Kaia, Charlie C., Lily, Mavis, Daniel


Artists L to R, top to bottom: Liam, Pia, Simone, Clementine, Jeremiah


Artists L to R, top to bottom: Amiera, Nyarah, Alexa, Dagmar, Nasir, Sienna, Gabriela, Kayli, Mattias, Tamira, Adanne, Dalia, Theadora