2nd Grade Learns about Negative and Positive Space!

This project introduced 2nd grade artists to the concept of negative and positive space as well as a new way to create a self-portrait. First, they learned that negative space is the space around, and in between an object, and positive space is the object itself. We viewed several images to identify the negative and positive space and found that the negative spaces are just as important as the positive spaces!


Next, they applied this concept to create a new kind of self-portrait featuring their own hands instead of their faces. We discussed the purpose of a self-portrait as a work of art that describes the artist. Then we discussed how even your hands can tell a lot about you.

To start their alternative self-portraits they first traced their hands in different places on the paper. Next they chose words that describe them and things that they like and then added them to either the negative or positive space. Lastly, they colored in the remaining space using a color of their choice. The results speak volumes!


Artists top to bottom, L to R: Logan, Gertrude, Chania, Leah Gregory