1st Grade Space Collages!

1st grade artists have been learning about space with an introduction to perspective. First they learned about the foreground, middle ground and background of a picture and how to make something look closer to the viewer or farther away by changing its size and placement. Then they learned that the horizon line is the line that separates the ground from the sky.

To demonstrate this new understanding, 1st grade artists created space collages by applying a foreground, middle ground and background to a picture that included the horizon line.

Space and perspective can be developmentally challenging for students at this age. You  can help your kids understand these concepts better by asking them to find the horizon line when you’re out in the world, or when looking at pictures, ask them which object is closer and how they can tell!

1A Artists L to R: Elyse, Leni, Sophia, TJ

1B Artists L to R: Gabe, Alaya, J’ma, Layla

1C Artists L to R: Zion, Naomi, Lyla, Zac