Warm Fall Leaves in Kindergarten

Kindergarten just wrapped up their unit all about color and painting. In this unit they learned about four different color groups: Primary colors (red, yellow, blue), secondary colors (purple, green, orange), warm colors (red, yellow, orange) and cool colors (green, blue, purple).

To learn about warm colors, artists viewed images of fall leaves and then created some of their own using pencils, sharpie markers and watercolor paints. This project was also an opportunity for artists to practice different brush techniques and color mixing. See these beautiful creations hanging in the third floor hallway!

KA Artists L to R: Vesper, Tanith, Annah, Maia

KB Artists L to R: Theadora, August, Georgia, Dalia

KC Artists L to R: Daniel, Bella, Beatrix, Jeremiah,

KD Artists L to R: Tobias, Iyla, Reagan