Kindergarten Shape Monster Collages!


Kindergarten artists have been learning a lot about lines and shapes over the past few weeks! They have also been practicing some of the basic art techniques we will use regularly throughout the year including drawing, cutting and gluing.

For this project, artists first drew their own shapes, then they cut them out and then they assembled their very own shape monsters, adding different lines and designs in crayon. Enjoy!

(Artists L to R, top to bottom: Layla, Gracelyn, Eden, Yotam, Maxwell, Samuel)


People in Poses

In first grade, artists learn how to add elbows and knees to their drawings of people. This gives them the skills they need to draw people in different poses, creating more dynamic and interesting works of art!

To celebrate this addition to their art vocabulary, 1D practiced some truly unique poses on their way out of art class this week.


Stay tuned to see some of these poses in their drawings!

2nd Grade Cityscape Paintings!


2nd graders have assumed the role of architects and city planners, tasked with designing their own cityscapes. First we looked at photographs of different buildings in NYC to identify the various shapes they are comprised of. Then they drew their own buildings and sky details using sharpie and oil pastel. Lastly, they painted a wash over the sky and the buildings, observing the resist between the oil pastels and the watercolor. The results are stunning!

(Artists L to R, top to bottom: Antoinette, Nylah, Isabella, Jeut, Jolissa, Kawan, Talique, Kaisuke, TJ) 

**Hot tip: if your kids seem interested in architecture as an art form, read them Iggy Peck Architect by Andrea Beaty.

It’s a terrific story with even better illustrations. If you like what you read, you’ll be happy to hear that Iggy Peck is part of a series including other titles such as Ada Twist Scientist, and Rosie Revere Engineer. ENJOY!

Art Unit Descriptions!

Below you will find links describing each unit of the year in art for grades K-3. Topics and projects are always subject to change based on student interests and project ideas that occasionally appear to me out of thin air. However, this will give you a pretty good idea of what your students will be doing in art this year. Enjoy!

Kindergarten Unit Descriptions for 2017-2018

1st Grade Unit Descriptions for 2017-2018

2nd Grade Unit Descriptions 2017-2018

3rd Grade Unit Descriptions for 2017-2018


Welcome to Art 2017-2018!

It’s a new year here at ICS complete with a new building and even a new art room at 55 Willoughby!

The year is off to a great start! Kindergarteners are practicing different kinds of lines and shapes; 1st graders are creating collaborative circle drawings; 2nd graders are working on their invented cityscapes and 3rd graders are working on their popsicle drawings using overlapping to create complex compositions of negative and positive space.

FullSizeRender (1)

(1st grade collaborative circle drawings.) 

Check back throughout the year to find updates of student work, art opportunities around town and activities you can try with your kids at home! It’s going to be a great year!

1st Grade Masks!

1st grade artists have been learning about texture through making animal masks! They learned that there are two kinds of texture that artists create: real texture and implied texture. Real texture is created by changing the surface of the artwork. Implied texture is created by drawing or painting different lines to create the appearance of texture.

1st grade artists applied both kinds of texture in their masks below!

1A Artists L to R: Sophia, Charlie, Makenna, Azra



1B Artists L to R: Alexa, Layla, Antonia, Kaisuke, Isabella, Summer

1C Artists L to R: Emil, Tava, Bryce, Levi, Lyla, Ryder

2nd Grade Self-Portraits!

2nd grade artists have finally finished their self-portraits! They have been working on this project for the past few weeks. Along the way they have learned about the proportions of the face, how to draw their own faces from observation in a mirror, how to select a color scheme that represents their own personality traits and emotions, and how to recognize and create highlights and shadows with watercolor paint and colored pencil. Needless to say, the results are as unique as the artists who created them!

2A artists, L to R, top to bottom: Joel, Ivan, Logan, Akaya, Shyla, Aaron, Aby, Arel, Frida, Gertrude, Taylor, Kayin

2B artists, L to R, top to bottom: Chane, Justin, Aedan, Melana, Leah, Chester, Xander, Finley, Talia, Quinn, Noah, Emmanuel

Come see these portraits on the 2nd floor bulletin boards, coming soon!