Ukuleles: Unit 1

The time is here! We have begun learning about the parts of the ukulele, how we number our fingers, and how to read chord charts. Feel free to ask your kids where the “bridge” or “neck” of the ukulele are, and whether they can wiggle their third finger!


January – The Ukuleles Are HERE!

Thanks to all of your generous support, we reached our goal on and raised enough money to get an iPad for our music classroom! I can’t wait for the students to be able to record performances, listen to different types of singing and instruments, and manipulate quarter notes, eight notes, and quarter rests to create their own unique rhythms using programs like “Tempo Island Rhythm” from the awesome Freddie The Frog music book series. THANK YOU!

The Winter Concert videos are now up on the ICS YouTube Page. The Winter Concert would not have been such a success without the endless support from our families. These kids sound great, and I look forward to being able to mold and grow their singing abilities even more as we move forward.

Our ukuleles are HERE! Well actually they’ve been here since September in boxes underneath the risers but many of the kids don’t know that;) NOW THEY’RE HERE! We will begin learning about the body of the ukulele, string numbers, and fret numbers in a few short weeks.

If there are any adult seasoned (or completely unexperienced) guitar or ukulele players out there that might be interested in coming in and giving some of our classes an unplugged performance, interested in helping out during some classes as the kids find their way around this awesome instrument (the more adults in the room the better haha), or even if you’re interested in coming in once a week or month and helping me keep these ukes in tune, please email me (! 

“The only thing better than singing is more singing.” – Ella Fitzgerald

-Mr. Kyle