Visual aide to review

Greetings, I am posting the review guide we will be using in class.

We will be using this in class to review most of the information we have learned so far.Big laminate template

After a week or two, ask your child to name or say some of the information on the visual aide.

It includes numbers from 1-20, all colors learned so far, and some conversational sentences.




Dream catchers

I am so proud of our students as they worked so nicely on their dream catcher projects. The objective of this project was for students to review colors and numbers. They were able to identify different colors when they chose their beads for their catchers. They also were able to count the number of beads that they had in total. We had so much fun! Here are some pics! A video is coming up soon! Yay!!IMG_8640IMG_8647IMG_8722IMG_8669IMG_8749IMG_8785IMG_8728IMG_8738IMG_8788IMG_8662IMG_8723IMG_8673IMG_8661IMG_8787IMG_8657


Welcome to Spanish 2017-2018


Spanish is fun fun fun! So far we have learned our numbers from 1-10 and are starting to get familiar with 11-20.

We have learned the colors: yellow, red, orange, green, pink, blue, grey, black, white, brown, and purple.

We have learned how to say hello, goodbye,  my name is, and what is your name.

We are singing a lot of songs in class. It would be helpful to review them at home.

Here are links of the songs we use in class!


We will be working on a hands on project next week to review colors and numbers.

I also promise to start taking pictures and videos to post on here! Thank you for your patience.