Español at Home

If you would like to support some fun Spanish language learning at home, here are some great ideas for fun activities to do with your child. You just may end up picking up un poco de español as well!

1. Bilingual Books : A great way to spend time reading with your child as well as incorporate language learning! Bilingual books are becoming more and more popular and easier and easier to find. Most classical children’s stories such as Little Red Riding Hood or Three Little Pigs are now bilingual. Check your local bookstore or library to see what you can find!

2. Make your own books : Create your own stories based on the vocabulary we are learning in class. We have already learned colors, numbers, shapes and will soon be learning animals!  The books can be a mix of both languages or simple sentences in just Spanish.

3. Play School : Children always love to play teacher and teach you things that you don’t know. Ask them to have a Spanish class. We always start with our Hola song, followed by the calendar (calendario) and weather (el tiempo).

4. Online Resources : There are a plethora of great websites that have virtual resources, like stories and videos.

 Musica Libre – A great website with a Spanish radio, music videos, and stories (cuentos)

Pocoyo – Pocoyo is a beloved multilingual character. Here you can find videos of Pocoyo                                    and his amigos as they go on mini-adventures. With simple animation and a                                          narrator, it is easy to focus on the content and vocabulary.

5. Música

In our clases de español we use a lot of música to help us learn our new vocabulary and have fun at the same time! You may have already heard snippets of these songs being sung at home! Below you will find the names of the albums that we use in class, as well as some links to great websites with other fun Spanish songs.

Free Spanish Songs


Música Libre 

1, 2, 3 Teach Me

Albums in Class

Spanish All Year Round

We Love Spanish

Sing, Move and Dance in Spanish