Feliz día de San Valentín

We hope all the families enjoyed their picture frames!




Las Estaciones

Students created movements and made flipbooks to help practice the four seasons.  Help them practice by quizzing them with their flipbooks/movements!



Damos gracias por…

Students learned a new song about being thankful called ” Doy gracias por” (link at bottom of post).  They made pavos (turkeys) to show what they’re thankful for in Spanish.  Many students were thankful for family (familia), friends (amigos), music (música), food (comida), teachers (maestras), and friendship (amistad).  

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Preparing for Takeoff!

This week, we started preparing for our first trip next week!   We read a book called Quienquiera que seas (Whoever You Are) to introduce cultura (culture) to the students.  The book celebrates different cultures all over the world, and emphasizes that while people live their lives differently, we are also similar in many ways (our joys, our pains and our hearts are all the same).  We talked about what makes up a person’s culture and discussed aspects such as holidays, languages, foods, skin color, schools, etc.  This book served as an introduction for our travels to Spanish speaking countries and to remind students we must always respect other culturas and have an open mind.  Then, students got to decorate their own pasaportes!  Check out the photos below!









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Quienquiera que seas

¡Me gusta!

We have been learning about our friends’ interests the past couple weeks.  Students have learned how to express what they like (me gusta) and what they don’t like (no me gusta).  They worked very hard to create their thumbs up and thumbs down popsicle sticks (with pictures of some things they like and don’t like).  We then played a game where students expressed their interests and then they practiced their new vocabulary by asking their partner what they like.  (¿Te gusta..?)

Leni and Valentina.jpgWilliam and Madyson nEW.jpgLincoln and Vera.jpgFabio and Kennedeth.jpg